Managing Actions

Probably the most important part of any Actions Register, is keeping the Actions up to date and monitoring their completion!

This section of the guide will cover:

  1. Closing Actions
  2. Viewing Notes
  3. Changing an Action Due Date
  4. Re-assigning Actions
  5. Filtering Actions

Closing Actions

Closing an Action is as simple as clicking the “Complete” button to the right of the Action. This timestamps the date and time it was completed and move it into the ‘Completed Actions’ table on the dashboard.


managing open actions

Viewing Notes

Click the “Notes” Button to view any more detailed notes entered with the Action. This function also allows you to update or add to the notes, for example if you wanted to include an update to the progress of the Action.


Changing an Action Due Date

If your Account Admin has this function allowed, you will see an “edit” icon next to the Due Date. This can be clicked and a new date selected if you require changing the due date. This function can be turned on or off by the Account Admin in the “Settings” Dashboard.

changing due date of action


Re-assigning Actions

There are times you may wish to re-assign an action to another member of the team. This could be due to team leave/vacation or the passing over of the action based on capabilities. To undertake this, click the “Reassign” Button next to the relevant action, select the team member and click “REASSIGN”


Filtering Actions

The Action Register Table in the main dashboard provides an overview of all the action and a traffic light next to them. To only show actions for a specific person, select the relevant User in the box next to Sort By above the table. To only show actions past due, click the checkbox Past Due.

More detailed reporting can be done in the “Reporting” Section of the platform

managing open actions